Events We Organized

Blanket Donation

Our organization, Badlav Seva Samiti’s general secretary Dr. Sumit Singh with the coordination and guidance of respected and most reputed Sonu Sood, has taken a great responsibility of distributing 100 blankets to the people who are in dire need in Lucknow (Nov, 2021). He has taken an effort to interact with the people to know if our organization can be of any service further. He got to know that people were migrants, who were unable to find any work to do due to the pandemic and they didn’t have a place to sleep, so they started sleeping on the roadside. For the blanket distribution, our organization’s treasurer Poojah Singh also present.

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Recently, food camp was organized in Lucknow by the Badlav Seva Samiti led by Dr Sumit Singh. During this food camp, the underprivileged on the streets were provided with food packets consisting of rice, rotis, vegetables, curd, chole bhature and sweets. The organisation of this food camp is a heart touching story. Dr Sumit Singh noticed that these daily wage labourers in the Alambagh Neher region used to sleep roadside in open sky without food on days they could not find work. These days were quite a few in number and this saddened him. Hence, he decided to do something about it. Along with treasurer Mrs. Pooja Singh, Mrs. Preeti Singh, Dr Rahul Singh and Dr Ritesh Singh, he set up a food camp in this exact area. He personally went and provided the food packets to these hungry labourers. As clearly seen in the video, the poor men are thanking Dr Sumit Singh for his social work and kindness. The man with the turban is giving Dr. Sumit Singh his blessings for filling his empty stomach. These 3 men were just one of the many people.The Badlav Seva team had nourished them with food that day. They were successfully able to Increase the productivity of these people, since we are inefficient without food in our stomachs. One might wonder how Dr Sumit Singh and his team were able to conduct this mass food drive, what was their motivation? Upon interviewing them, the team told us that once they see happy smiles on the people's faces, it all seemed worth it.

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Food Donation

Donation “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone” - Dr. Loretta Scott Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive. Donation is the contribution or a charity we give to the society as humanitarian measure. Donation is expression which we offer to the needy, poor and old people in the form of cash, food or clothes. It is a job of every individual to make an effort for those who are struggling with their lives. People who are well quipped and have a good lifestyle can give a small part or a favor to such helpless souls. Sharing healthy meal with the poor people will give ourselves a matter of satisfaction and a feeling of gratitude that we would receive from them. Donating food to people and being a part of several social drives would encourage other people to join in with great interest and kindness towards the kind souls. Charity is all we need to do to get the society on the correct path.  Last week, on 20th August 2021 our whole NGO family had given their time to such charitable work to build a strong foundation ( Under supervision of Dr. Sumit Singh, General Secretory of NGO ).  We all donated food to the poor people as much possible. And also took a follow up for their food needs.  Also, we gifted the small boxes of meals as happy meals to the people who live on streets and roadside beggars.  Similarly; we want to encourage the people taking from the oldies to the youth of our country, so that a change can build up for a growing society. Therefore, donating or charity of goods will always be a way to serve to the needy and poor people. It is mandatory know the path of service and charity to help the people in many ways as possible and also for the growth and change in the society.

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Hardoi Immunity Booster Distribution Camp

The world today is severely suffering from the break of covid 19. This is a direct threat to the people in some parts of our Indian society who do not get the much-required health care. Taking such concerns into account, Dr. Sumit Singh from Badlav Seva Samiti has taken an initiative to bring a solution to some of such problems. He works towards distributing free homeopathic immunity boosters; a very crucial need of the hour with the pandemic going on. Added, he also works towards the treatment of PCOD (polycystic ovarian diseases), treatment of sebaceous cyst without an operation, various menstrual disorders, orthopedic diseases, and some other chronic diseases in a shorter period. These are some of the most notable problems that our women face but receive a compromised treatment for. Dr. Sumit takes it upon himself to bring comfort to some degree and successfully so. To uplift our women, we need to start with providing them a safe environment to put forth their needs. This was actively in works with the three-day Hardoi immunity booster distribution camp, where Sumit sir reached out to as many people as possible. The duration of this camp was 28th June to 30th June in Khateli village, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. The camp was a triumph with the presence of Dr. Abbas, Dr. Saher Bano and Dr. Nijamuddin Shibu who were assisted by Munna Sayda. Dr. Sumit Singh encourages to lend a hand whenever and to whoever that is in need because an act of humanity can be bring a tremendous change in someone’s life.

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Food Donation Drive during Covid-19 Pandemic

The organization, Badlav Seva Samiti actively works towards the wellbeing of people. At present with the pandemic going, another example was set. One of the founding members of the organization, Dr. S. dohare took an initiative and organized free food supplies (rashan) for the needy. People who fall in the category of compromised and the ones that are struggling to meet their basic necessities are being taken into consideration. These concerns have been a big part of Dr. S. dohare’s life for which she provided aid by various social services. She is also a known figure when it comes to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Mahasabha, Lucknow. The recognition of her work includes uplifting the designated groups of India such as the Scheduled Caste (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs). These are some of the groups who were denied equal access to employment, education, housing, etc. in the past. Overcoming the unpleasant events, she strives forward to provide better living conditions to the poorer.

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Free Homeopathic Immunity Booster Medicine Distribution

Today we witness a world that is so very dissimilar from the one, it was a few years ago. The ongoing global pandemic devastated so many lives creating an urge for catastrophe. The communicable Coronavirus made us sit in our homes for more than a year now, which affected people’s minds, especially those daily wage workers who couldn’t feed their families making our country deal with the hunger crisis. As our organisation strive towards helping those in need we became very diligent in assisting people regarding medical help, food supply, education etc. Being the General Secretary of Badlav Seva Samiti and a homoeopathic practitioner, I want to give a big salute to all my co frontline workers who considered their duty first before anything. As a professional in medicine, my advice to all my dear readers would be first of all, don’t take this virus lightly, It’s only one step closer as you step out from your home. I would strongly advise following all the precautionary norms advised by the World Health organisation. Since the reports have said the virus mostly attacks our lungs, it gets very crucial to maintain hygiene not only from outside but also our immune system plays a vital role in keeping us healthy, there were cases in which the person following all precautionary norms still got caught with this deadly virus just because that person’s immunity was very low. For a better shield of protection, keeping the immunity level high becomes our priority. Our organisation and I came up with an initiative of distributing free Homeopathic Immunity Booster Medicines, shipping all over India. The response from people has been great, as we have distributed in local areas of Lucknow, kannauj, Sitapur and other cities. you can also order your own immunity booster as we are shipping all across India, for placing your orders contact the undersigned, moreover Let’s join hands in this big cause because as we go by this saying- “Together we can make a difference.”

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Law University Camp

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love for humanity” Here at BADLAV SEVA SAMITI, prevails a firm belief that when people gain access to free health care, they are also led to a longer and a healthier life. The organisation, moreover, as a team, aims to increase the recognition of the significance of health care for the general public in the world today. To lay emphasis on the above said statements, a ‘LAW UNIVERSITY CAMP’ at DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW was successfully conducted. The camp was initiated along with the presence of our Hon’ble Chief Guest JUSTICE BHAGWAN DIN (HIGH COURT JUSTICE). The same involved activities which crystal clearly reflected the factors of health and medical fitness as luxury: A FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP of students and staff members (teaching and non teaching) was done to ensure medical fitness during the pandemic time. It was further supported by a FREE DENTAL CHECK-UP so as to have an entire report about the health condition of the concerned person. Furthermore, the camp initiated a PATHOLOGY TEST to have an early diagnosis of disease(s), if any. Additionally, keeping in mind the overall fitness aspects, free distribution of HOMEOPATHY PREVENTIVE MEDICINE FOR DENGUE as well as of IMMUNITY BOOSTING was done. Additionally, the camp threw a light on Nasha Mukt Bharat Aandolan – a pledge to make drug and liquor free society. To accentuate, a counselling session was held wherein the same was stated as a need of the hour amongst the youth. The following Panel members had shown their contribution in effectively executing the camp: Mrs.Savitri Singh(President) , Dr. Sumit Singh(Ceo And General Secretary) , Dr. Pratibha Singh (Md Pedia) , Dr. Rahul Singh , Dr. Pratistha Singh , Dr. Sachin Srivastava (Dental Durgeon) , Dr. Verma (Senior Dental Surgeon) , Dr. Deepshikha Singh, Mrs. Promila Singh , Dr. Siddharth Singh , Dr. Monika Singh , Dr. R.P Dohare(Senior Medical Officer) , Dr. S. Dohare (Senior Medical Officer) , Mr. Vivek, Mr. Sonu.

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Lucknow Mahotsav Camp

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” We, at BADLAV SEVA SAMITI make sure that our people get the best of free health care services. In this pandemic, health has become a priority and hence we should not compromise with it. Being healthy also determines the overall wellness of the mind and body. Immunity is the major concern in today’s world against deadly viruses and infections. However, not all the people get the luxury to visit renowned hospitals and pay high bills. Majority of our population cannot afford it and hence lies the importance of free health care services. As they say, “A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others.” We, as an organisation, work towards the betterment of medical services available to the people. Providing medical assistance and legal aid is our major priority. To implement our aims, ‘Lucknow Mahotsab’ was conducted in the ‘city of nawabs’ (Lucknow). This event was made for the people with 10 days of free health camp. Major contributions were made by Additional Director General of police (Lucknow Zone) S.N SABAT and ADM (LUCKNOW EAST) SAKTI SINGH. They helped in making the camp successful. Around 5000 visitors were seen in the camp in these 10 days. In these days, we organised a few important activities which included: Free Health Check-Up: Visitors were provided with free health check-up with prescription and medicines. Homeopathic dengue and chikungunya preventive medicines were also provided which was free of cost. Free Dental Check-Up: This service was also provided to maintain oral hygiene and overall dental health of the visitors. Pathology Test: Further, pathology tests were conducted in order to have early diagnosis of any disease. The event was well appreciated, and it was possible due to the amazing efforts of Mrs. Savitri Singh (President) and Dr. Sumit Singh (CEO and General Secretary of BADLAV SEVA SAMITI) along with those who had volunteered in the event.

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Kannauj Camp

"Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability” Well being of a person is greater than the wealth they have. Badlav Seva Samiti welcomes availability of free health-care facilities for a healthy lifestyle. The organisation prevails easy opportunity to get access and knowledge for rising health concerns, for the betterment of society. It aims to bridge the gap, increase the awareness amongst all groups of people. Similarly a ‘Kannauj Camp' was successfully organised in Bahadurpur village by the lead in charge advocate Pooja Singh and supervisor SHO Tirwa. The Camp was enlightened by presence of Honourable Chief Guest Seema Parihar (Bigg Boss Contestant). Gurbax Singh, Rambali Singh, Ravi Singh provided help and played an important role in proper functioning of the camp. Approximately 500 people attended camp on the first day itself. The following services assisted in being part of medical and heath care facilities: A FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP was provided for the villagers, giving benefit of detecting potentially life threatening health conditions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the FREE DENTAL CHECK-UP ensured proper well-being of every person and prevented systematic health issues by the means of PATHOLOGY TEST to avoid any chance of internal disease. In addition to give best advantage the camp also allocated FREE MEDICINE DISTRIBUTION DRIVE, comprising homeopathic, dengue preventive and immunity boosting, vitamin medicines. On the other hand, Nasha Mukti Movement spread awareness for drug addiction amongst the youth. It also helps with controlling mental health and avoid the use of harmful substances. The panel consists of the following members who contributed in successful working of the camp: 1. Dr. Sumit Singh ( CEO and general secretary ) ,2. Dr. Pratibha Singh (Md Pedia) ,3. Dr. Rahul Singh, 4. Dr. Pratistha Singh, 5. Dr. Sachin Srivastava ( Dental Surgeon) ,6. Dr. Verma ( Senior Dental Surgeon) ,7. Dr. Deepshikha Singh, 8. Mrs. Promila Singh ,9. Mrs. Savitri Singh, 10. Dr. Siddharth Singh, 11. Dr. Monika Singh ,12. Dr. R.P Dohare ( Senior Medical Officer), 13. Mr. Vivek ,14. Mr. Sonu.

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Free Health Camp of Greater Noida

Badlav Seva Samiti (NGO) together with Ideal Homeo and Aesthetic Clinic and Meditrust Diagnostic Centre had organsied a two day health camp on the 26th and 27th of September, 2020 wherein medicines for boosting one's immunity to various diseases had been distributed free of cost. The doctors at the health camp had also conducted free pathological tests for detecting Diabetes mellitus (blood sugar), determining the blood group of an individual, checking their serum creatinine level, weight, BMI, BMR, percentage of body visceral fat, Sp02 level, etc. The attendees of the camp had also been provided with the facility of seeking free medical advice from the practitioners present there. As many as 300 people had attended the camp and each of them had been provided with free medicines that would improve their resistance to various diseases. Dr Sakina Khan has said that these immunity boosting medicines enhance the body's ability to fight against various diseases, that is to say, they strengthen the body's defence system. A stronger immunity system shall reduce the individual's risk of contracting various contagious diseases. The camp had been a resounding success owing to the indefatigable efforts of Dr. Sakhina Khan and Dr. Sayara Khan from Meditrust Diagnostic Centre, Dr Sumit Singh, General Secretary of Badlav Seva Samiti and others who had volunteered in the camp.

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Raibareli Camp

Health has always been a prominent thing to worry about. some people enjoy good medical facilities from top hospitals where as on other hand hundreds of people are dying everyday due to lack of proper health and medication. Take a break and de-stress yourself !! keeping track on all these conditions Badlav Seva Samiti in association with Shree Ganga Jamuna Sahay Memorial Convent School in Raibareli has organised a 7 day campaign. The objective of the camp is to provide free immune booster medicine to all the people out there who are in need of it. Day one of this campaign really proved to be outstanding where people turn towards us and support it to be successful. we stronky encourage to reach out to us between 1st to 7th of september. The qualified doctors are with us to enjoy the glow of good health during this pandemic and trying for the betterment in an extremely positive way.