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"together we can make a difference"

Today we witness a world that is so very dissimilar from the one, it was a few years ago. The ongoing global pandemic devastated so many lives creating an urge for catastrophe. The communicable Coronavirus made us sit in our homes for more than a year now, which affected people’s minds, especially those daily wage workers who couldn’t feed their families making our country deal with the hunger crisis. As our organisation strive towards helping those in need we became very diligent in assisting people regarding medical help, food supply, education etc. Being the General Secretary of Badlav Seva Samiti and a homoeopathic practitioner, I want to give a big salute to all my co frontline workers who considered their duty first before anything. As a professional in medicine, my advice to all my dear readers would be first of all, don’t take this virus lightly, It’s only one step closer as you step out from your home. I would strongly advise following all the precautionary norms advised by the World Health organisation. Since the reports have said the virus mostly attacks our lungs, it gets very crucial to maintain hygiene not only from outside but also our immune system plays a vital role in keeping us healthy, there were cases in which the person following all precautionary norms still got caught with this deadly virus just because that person’s immunity was very low. For a better shield of protection, keeping the immunity level high becomes our priority. Our organisation and I came up with an initiative of distributing free Homeopathic Immunity Booster Medicines, shipping all over India. The response from people has been great, as we have distributed in local areas of Lucknow, kannauj and other cities. you can also order your own immunity booster as we are shipping all across India, for placing your orders contact the undersigned, moreover Let’s join hands in this big cause because as we go by this saying- “Together we can make a difference.”

book Dr. Sumit Singh


General Secretary

Badlav Seva Samiti

About NGO

about ngo

Badlav Seva Samiti is a registered non-government, non-profit organization ( Reg no: LUC/03881/2018-2019) working with and for the society to combat various social issues. Badlav Seva Samiti was founded on August 31, 2018 by a small group of individuals with a strong passion to make the society a better place for everyone

About Team

about ngo

Mrs. Savitri Singh (President), Dr. Sumit Singh (MD)(General Secretary) and Pooja Singh (Treasure) are extremely grateful for being a part of this organization working for multiple noble causes within their reach.

Aims & Objectives

Badlav Seva Samiti drives social change by targeting social issues of different niches to change society today and build a better India for tomorrow.

book To provide Educational Empowerment
book Providing medical assistance and legal aid
book To conduct study on various social issues
book To campaign for awareness
book To preserve arts and culture of the society
book To promote wholesome education and literacy
book To mentor and provide guidance to the youth
book To organize social, educational events

Health Camps

about ngo

We work in the field of Medicine, Health and Family welfare.

Donation Drives

about ngo

As an organisation that works for the empowerment of women and other under privileged communities. We provide socio-legal support to victims of domestic abuse.We work in the field of Medicine, Health and Family welfare.

Action against Domestic Violence

about ngo

As an organisation that works for the empowerment of women and other under privileged communities. We provide socio-legal support to victims of domestic abuse.

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Badlav Seva Samiti works constantly for realising the dream of a better future. We, as an organisation are trying to bring about an overall change in the society one step at a time while creating a long term impact on the lives of hundreds of people belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society. We can sustain our work only if people like you can support us regularly. Donate today to help us bridge the gap and move towards an equal society.

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We are Hiring Female Interns!

Our Women Empowerment Project

This project is one of the initiatives launched by Badlav seva samiti NGO towards women empowerment and gender equality. The motive of this project is to provide the opportunity to the girls who are unable to get the social benefits and opportunity to show their skills. In the internships we will mentor the girls by polishing their skills so they can know their potential and this leads to boost their self esteem.